Prairie Cats: Winter 2000-01, recording "'til the daytime fades"

jeff k and larry practice
studio a: where the magic happens
studio b: where craig has to hang out while the magic happens
jeff s prepares to hit things with sticks
the album we're trying to top
the ware house booth
jim h cuts-'n-pastes to make us sound good
erik is overcome by the stress of the studio
jeff k lies: "yeah, that sounds great, jason"
jim h, master of the board
happy larry, after another perfect take
jason cradles the smooth gee-tar
jeff k sings, like a choir of angels
kevin and dan listen to some stellar tracks
erik puts on the game face
these mics are worth more than we can afford
bryan h adds some latin flava
craig seeks the (ahem) wisdom of larry
dan takes recording very seriously
jeff s gets downright percussive
p-cats + omaha big band = REALLY big omaha cat band
larry is thoroughly baffled